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ESWC Practice Cup (Rules)

Although the tournament is quite classical in its format, you must have read the following rules before taking part to the tournament :

Registrations :
- Make sure you have a valid Trackmania² Stadium login.
- You must register through this topic.
- Please don't forget to add your preference about the time at which the cup will start, as it is explained in the above link.
- If you decide to register but for various reasons you cannot play on Sunday 26th of October, please send a mail as soon as possible to

Before the match :
- Players must check the Google Doc (creation in progress) in order to know their opponents, their series (groupstage only) and the server (i.e server A or server B) on which they will be playing.
- Please join the server at least 5mins before the match starts, i.e for warmups.
- If you encounter any problem before the match or if you have questions, add Bubus (romain.leboursicaud) on Skype.

During the match :
- Global ESWC rules will apply : no respawn, 5 runs per map, full cars ON, etc.
- No Time Attack phase : players will be seeded in 4 groups in the most homogeneous way
- If a player disconnects, other players have to wait up to 5 mins before resuming the match. The disconnected player will still be allowed to join again.
- The Cup will be streamed continuously by the aAa.TV

After the match :
- No need to post results, as an admin/operator is on each of the 2 servers.
- The results will be updated in real-time.
- A short break will occur after the quarter-finals.

14/10/2014 à 18:25
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